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Our Terms of Sale

The GTCs below are applicable to Germany, Metropolitan France and abroad. They regulate all sales of orders and services between Ariana Cook UG and its customers.


Every service is billed at a minimum of €18 netto per hour. Ariana Cook UG guaranties the delivery of the competencies needed by its customers on date and time ordered. The price also includes backstage teamwork and knowledge sharing between all team members. In the case of an extension of the event of more than one hour compared to the agreed duration, the customer will be billed a supplement of €20 per hour and per service.


Any modification of an agreement by the customer after his confirmation of the quote can only be taken into account by the company Ariana Cook UG under two conditions. (1) The modification encounters no obstacle nor technical or temporal constraint. (2) The modification is received in writing at the latest 3 (three) working days before the date of the service. Any modification occurring after these delays may result in additional costs that will be indicated to the customer, who must accept or refuse in full knowledge of the facts.


Once the quote is confirmed, any cancellation of service by the customer is liable and obliges him to compensate Ariana Cook UG for any lost profits as well as any costs already incurred; up to 50% of the amount of the quote as soon as it is confirmed, and up to 100% of the amount no later than 3 (three) working days before the service is provided.


In case of damages, spoiled or missing items, notify the company Ariana Cook UG as soon as possible within 2 (two) working days after the date of the service. The customer will have to prove the cause of his claims concerning the service, and after studying these claims, the company Ariana Cook UG may subject to an express and prior agreement or issue a credit. In the case of non‐compliance with these conditions, the delivery will be considered as compliant and will in no case be refunded or compensated by Ariana Cook UG.


Prices indicated exclude VAT for professional customers, and include VAT for private customers.

Any invoice amount must be paid at the latest 3 (three) working days before the date of the service for all customers excluding government institutions. If Ariana Cook UG has not received from the customer, at this date, any payment or dispute related to the invoice, Ariana Cook UG reserves the right to increase the invoice amount by €5.00 per day of delay per reminder letter as damage.

Any invoice amount must be paid in cash or by bank transfer to Ariana Cook UG:

IBAN: DE 38 1007 0024 0089 4899 00




The interpretation and execution of these terms of sale, as well as all acts subsequent hereto or a consequence hereof, will be subject to German law. In the event of disputes and of whatever nature, the jurisdiction will be given to the competent court of Berlin where the company Ariana Cook UG headquarters are located.

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