The Ariana Cook agency specializes in recruiting specific talents in the gastronomy area - cuisine know-how, top-quality service, management proficiency, and various spheres of competence in administration, logistics, business development, creation.

We provide managers and owners of restaurant, bar, catering and any other businesses related to food and beverage with skills they need, for the period needed. That could be one-time occurrences and missions over a period of time - from several days to several months.


The essence of the agency lies in flexibility. In terms of time frame for clients, as we are open for last minute calls. Talents recruited also benefit from the business structure as they are given the opportunity to have a flexible timetable according to suggested missions.

Our story and background allow us to build trust with clients in regards to our professionalism. Experience, proficiency and love of doing things right define our way of working.

Recognition is an important matter: our employees benefit from an hourly bonus according to the mission.

Diversity of missions





Chef de Partie


Private Chef


Fish Specialist

Sushi Chef

Oyster Shucking

BBQ Grilling

Pastry Chef


Chef de Rang







Front Service


Maître d'Hôtel

Event Manager

Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Manager

F&B Manager

Assistant Manager

Catering Organisation

Wedding F&B Organisation

Customer Happiness Manager



Gastro Interior Designer

Menu Creation

Book Keeping Assistant

Webshop Manager

Food Shopper


Restaurant Cleaning


Business Development

Examples & Reviews


LouMi - Event catering

We have provided LouMi with waiter proficiency on a cultural event that hosted 70 people in Berlin. Over two hours, talents have helped with setting up the food and cuttlery, service of the food and clearing of crockery - everything in compliance with sanitary regulations.

Everything was perfect. I only got compliments from the customers. We enjoyed it also to work with you all.

Ariana has a talent beyond the norm for sourcing the best products and highlighting their qualities in a way nobody else does.

Ronan Le Gleut - French Senator


Kink - Bar & restaurant

We have provided Kink with service proficiency as Chef de Rang in this 110 seat restaurant in Berlin. Talents have replaced two sick employees during one week.


Excellent Party Service : great food and beverage.
The French pastry is awesome and looks fantastic.

Nicolas Delaporte



Fish Klub - Markthalle Neun fish outlet

We have been providing Fish Klub weekly with delivering, fish specialism, showcase design, cashier skills, business development expertise & business management counseling.

Really love the experience : fast needs understanding, heavy workload with a very precise expertise!

Meat, fish, vegetarian - Everything is delicious.

Sir Damon Buffini


Canadian Embassy - Food photoshoot for E-book

We have provided the Canadian Embassy in Berlin with cooking expertise and presentation talent to showcase thirteen Canadian recipes - salty & sweet -, at the Hamburg book fair, enhancing Canadian gastronomy.

Thank you for the wonderful cooking.

The dishes are looking very delicious.


Delicious food, well prepared and presented, competent and friendly service.

Canadian Embassy



Tastavin - Arminius Markthalle wine outlet

We have provided Tastavin with bartending proficiency support on a busy weekend in Berlin.

The barman is great, very professional, he understood everything right away.

Our Values



We value honesty, transparency and loyalty with clients, employees and partners.


Whether it be in the kitchen, or about ideas, creativity flirts with resilience in Ariana Cook.


There is no interaction in our business that works without respecting human beings.


The existential pillar of the company is obviously passion for the profession.


Clients are always treated with the best care, attention and conscientiousness.


in the


Our environmental impact is carefully taken into consideration in decision-making processes. The company structure is therefore thought to have a positive impact to start the transitioning.

Curious? Watch this video of Jean-Marc Jancovici.

Our Story


Ariana Cook was first born from passion for cooking and boldness as a newbie in Berlin. Indeed, Ariana first started by being a Private Cheffe at people homes. Here is a glimpse of her culinary services on Vivre à Berlin.

In 2017, the adventure began in the restaurant of the French Embassy with three other associates : Clément - Kitchen Chef, Doriane - Pastry Chef, and Freddy - Administration manager. In the embassy, we were offering daily-changing menus for the agents and providing catering services for public events. Over 3 years, we have grown our reputation as French Caterers throughout Berlin. Having clients such as state institutions including the Canadian Embassy, and private corporations like The Family, Mindspace, The Drivery & Tier. We also enjoyed taking care of weddings and other personal events!

Unfortunately, 2020 has not been gentle to the event sector... Event cancellations and closure of our restaurant L'Ambasserie forced us to drastically reduce our workforce. During the hardest times, we have nevertheless survived by delivering homemade meals and groceries around Berlin. Ultimately, we terminated our partnership with the French Embassy. Resilience having been our main asset, Ariana Cook is still alive!

We now provide gastronomy professionals with carefully selected talents. Our strong background enables us to work with and be trusted by Fish Klub, Kink Restaurant & the Canadian Embassy, to name a few.

Let's collaborate! xx

The team



​​Ariana is an absolute passionate cook, a lover of details, and has a gustatory talent like no other. She grew up in the middle of the  ocean, between the European and American continents. She graduated in dietary, food hygiene, hospitality and sommellerie in one of the best hotel schools in Canada, ITHQ. She obtained her Canadian nationality and has continued her world adventure in various places. In particular at the heart of Reunion Island's culture, flavours and melting pot. As a keen traveller and adventurer, her cuisine reflects the incredible diversity of her worldy travels, which she preserves, protects and transmits in each of her dishes.

Skill set

Private Chef, Menu creation, Restaurant opening, BBQ grilling, Maître d'hôtel,
Chef de rang, Restaurant manager & Assistant, F&B Manager & Assistant,
Webshop Manager, Event Manager, Catering Organization,
Wedding F&B Organization, Food Shopper

​​Clément has graduated from gastronomy in Bordeaux and has been dedicating 15 years of his life to his cooking passion. He has notably worked alongside Pierre Gagnaire for 8 years at Sketch in London and Les Solistes in Berlin. He has also been Junior Sous-Chef at the Michelberger restaurant, using only fresh and seasonal products. He has strong technical expertise, efficiency, creativity and desire to do things right - which makes him an outstanding Chef.

Skill set

Chef, Sous-Chef, Chef de Partie, Fish Specialist, Oyster Shucking



Doriane has an incredible creative talent, to which is added meticulousness and mastery of flavors and sugar proportions. She first graduated in design in Montreal, and began working in the restaurant field alongside her studies. Pastry has become a passion through self-directed learning. She worked several years in a sushi shop in Berlin before officially becoming a Pastry Cheffe, in her own company, then within Ariana Cook.

Skill set

Pastry Chef, Sushi Chef, Barista, Runner, Cashier, Driver, Oyster Shucking, Fish Specialist, Chef de Partie, Assistant Restaurant Manager


Freddy doesn't go unnoticed with her French accent from Carcassonne. She has graduated from DUT in marketing techniques and has moved to Berlin in 2008. She has managed a restaurant subsidiary, a pastry company in cooperation with Doriane and has managed all the accounting and bureaucracy of Ariana Cook. She has acquired great understanding and knowledge of all the administrative paperwork and regulations in Germany.

Skill set

Book Keeper Assistant

Dianne... Well it's me, the person behind this website! I joined my sister's company right after graduating from a French business school - EDHEC - in marketing and communication. I have been working as her versatile right-hand woman.

Skill set

Driver, Barista, Runner, Cashier, Front Service, Food Shopper, Food Photographer, Catering Organization, Assistant Restaurant Manager


[Description Soon]

Skill set

Driver, Business Development


[Description Soon]

Skill set

Cashier, Fish specialist


[Description Soon]

Skill set

Book Keeping Assistant


Inviting people means taking care of their happiness

during the whole time they are under your roof.

A. Brillat-Savarin

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