Dream Team

Cheffe & CEO

Ariana is an absolute passionate cook, a lover of details, and has a gustatory talent like no other. She grew up in the middle of the  ocean, between the European and American continents. She graduated in dietary, food hygiene, hospitality and sommellerie in one of the best hotel schools in Canada, ITHQ. She obtained her Canadian nationality and has continued her world adventure in various places. In particular at the heart of Reunion Island's culture, flavours and melting pot. As a keen traveller and adventurer, her cuisine reflects the incredible diversity of her worldy travels, which she preserves, protects and transmits in each of her dishes.

Kitchen Chef

Clément has graduated from gastronomie in Bordeaux and has been dedicating 15 years of his life to his cooking passion. He has notably worked alongside Pierre Gagnaire for 8 years firstly at Sketch in London and Les Solistes in Berlin. He has also been Junior Sous-Chef at the Michelberger hotel restaurant, using only fresh and seasonal products. Therefore, he has developped technical expertise, efficiency, creativity and desire to do things right that make him an outstanding Chef. Also Ariana's loving partner, they bring their knowledge, know-how and passion together to offer a cuisine that reflects the diversity of their experience: expansive, colorful and full of exciting flavours.

Pastry Cheffe

Doriane has an incredible creative talent, to which is added meticulousness and mastery of flavors and sugar proportions. Firstly graduated in design in Montreal, she has also fallen in love with the Canadian spirit. She began working in the restaurant industry alongside her studies as well as in Berlin. Pastry has become a passion through self-directed learning. She has then decided to make it official through taking the test as a free candidate to obtain her pastry CAP. Her talents, expertise and mind-openedness allowed the creation of our pastry brand Les Pâtisseries by Ariana Cook.


Accounting & Restaurant Manager

Freddy doesn't go unnoticed with her French accent from Carcassonne. She has graduated from DUT in marketing techniques and has moved to Berlin in 2008. She has managed a restaurant subsidiary as well as a pastry company in cooperation with Doriane. She has acquired great understanding and knowledge of all the administrative paperwork and regulations in Germany, which is crucial in order to run a German company. Besides the bureaucracy, she manages L'Ambasserie as her second home. And most importantly, she manages all the company's accounting.

Marketing & Com Manager
Chief Cake Officer

Versatile workforce

Dianne... Well it's me, the person behind this website. As my sister Ariana, I have quite an international background. I joined the Ariana Cook team in its early stages, right after graduating from a French business school. My specialisations in marketing and hospitality gave me the basics to contribute with my learned skills (logos, marketing collaterals, internal management tools, website, e-reputation, etc). Being part of a family entrepreneurial journey is fulfilling, and demanding. But most importantly, it gives me the chance to learn everyday. If you're curious about my background, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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