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Care  &  Quality

Fresh & seasonal

We value the freshness of our ingredients as the most important criteria to enhance our "cuisine de marché". Freshness often goes along with seasonality. Using seasonal foods means better-tasting and nutritious products. Our Kitchen Chef and his team are preparing food using specific and various cooking methods to combine different flavors and textures. The challenge is to always offer tasty, colourful and peculiar meals with the best quality & best value ingredients available in the local market.

This, of course, also applies to vegetarian and vegan meals. We respect the vegan movement and we strive to include a vegan option in each of our food service.

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Calendar

Local and organic eggs & milk

Eggs are mostly used for the pastry production. As you cann see on the picture, they are marked with the number "0" first, which means they come from organic farming, and they are local.

We use local fresh organic milk or vegetal milks (almond, soya, oat) for the coffee breaks and pastry baking. Our Pastry Cheffe loves baking everything by herself with good products !

Direct Fair Trade

Earth preservation comes with common good interest. We use products from fair trade or local producers.

Our coffee used in our restaurant L'Ambasserie and for all our events, is Direct Fair Trade from Brazil.

Our hot chocolate pouder is an organic and qualitative product from fair trade.

Our teas and herbal infusions come from ingredients that are locally grown under controlled and certified organic conditions.


Quality breakfast

Our French viennoiseries are made with A.O.P. Poitou-Charentes butter. Berlin twist: Vegan croissant with activated charcoal and orange blossom!

For breakfast, let you be tempted by our Pastry Cheffe's homemade jam from seasoned fruits.

On events, we always provide French baguette or country bread.

French pastry chocolate

As said earlier, our Pastry Cheffe loves quality products to work with. That's why we order chocolate from the best producer we know!

Valrhona's magazines are perfect to get some inspiration for Christmas, Easter or other special occasion. The variety of moulds and chocolate tasting they propose allows creativity to bloom.

Local honey

During summer, we are supplied with tens of kilos of local honey. The specificity of this honey is that... It is made right inside of the French Embassy in Berlin!

Perfect to use at home for toasts and tea, or as a gift !

Homemade soft drinks

The 4 products on the picture are our main homemade drinks. The Chaï syrup, used in the restaurant of the French Embassy, is a mixture of spices slowly simmered in order to get to right texture. The Ginger Shot is a stimulating and fortifying beverage, perfect to tackle winter. The limonade is made with a secret recipe. It's bottled up as concentrated, and mixed up either with still or sparlking water during events. Our homemade Ice tea is cold infused overnight to get the best taste!

Quality alcoholic drinks

Booze is a serious matter! Thanks to our suppliers below, we provide quality local or Canadian bier, French wine and French crémant (or even champagne!) for special events. Various other Canadian products, like ice cider, maple whiskey and real maple syrup, are available thanks to The Poutine Kitchen.

Poutine kitchen.png
passion vin.png

Sustainable & responsible

Besides fresh, local and seasonal food products, our eco-friendly values extand to an overall responsible mindset implemented with everyone we work with : employees, suppliers, clients & business partners ; and everything we manage : marketing, packaging, wasting & cleaning. We seek fairness, happiness, consciouness, convenience, satisfaction, helpfulness and growth in all senses.

Happy employees

We are very dedicated to a respectful, generous and rewarding staff management that includes equity, considering everyone as a human beings, and honesty.

We strongly value building strong relationships based on trust, care, authenticity, understanding & compromise. Our values are core in our daily activities, and transmitted to our employees. It gives them aspiration in their work so they feel involved in a friendly adventure that aims for success and happiness.

Electric car

We are very proud to say that we are delivering and driving around Berlin with Zero Emissions! Knowing the ecological crisis is no longer to be proven, we want to do our best regarding the respect of the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint with sustainable solutions, as well as spreading the word around us!

Carbon neutral printing

All our collaterals (e.g. business cards) are printed with a local printing company using 100% recycling paper, organic colours and electricity from renewable energies. We love to encourage such actions and have respectful products in our hands to pass on.


Sustainable packaging

Meal delivery packaging, coffee cups, cutlery, plates, napkins, takeaway bags and fingerfood crockery, everything disposable we use is eco-friendly! All the items are compostable or biodegradable, so each of them are respesctful of nature.

The companies with buy it from are obviously in this green motion, using green energies and striving to reduce their carbon footprint.

Funny fact: We provide half-tagliatelle as replacement for coffee-stirrer. Don't worry, it won't melt !

Eco-friendly supplies

We want to do things right as much on the front line as on the back side. We are using toxic-free cleaning products and eco-friendly paper supplies for toilets, hands and kitchen. We respect the environment and we also respect our employees!