The Family







Our trustful partner The Family make their office location available for events up to 200 people. Weither you want a cocktail party, a high end dinner, a hearty buffet or organize workshops and seminaries, this location is as much versatile as our alongside services. The space can also be separated in two rooms for meetings. The colorful decoration has been made with lots of love and taste, thus offering a cheerfull and relaxed atmosphere.

The Drivery


The Drivery is a huge building which includes 4 different event spaces. Each of them has its own features, equipment, furniture, surface and flexibility.

Scroll down to discover the Deep Space, the Hangar 18, the Algorithm Farm & the Maker Garages.


Deep Space



This impressive event hall features, on the main stage, the largest indoor HD LED screen in Berlin! Prefect for talks, presentations, panel events, demo days, screenings, and showcases. The easy-to-use audio system interface + high-speed WiFi + wireless microphones mean that setup is a snap and ready in no time. This space offers numerous setup options.

Hangar 18



This terrific space can be adapted into three separate breakout rooms or remain as one spacious area. Perfect for pitches, workshops, board meetings or networking receptions. As well as lunch and learns, happy hours and catered events since the Hangar 18 includes a café and cooking area.